Rasberry Piで2GB以上のSDを認識させる その1

かなり久しぶりにRasberry Piを立ち上げて触っていたら、変なことに気づく。

# df
ファイルシス   1K-ブロック       使用        使用可 使用% マウント位置
/dev/root        2721336      2499352     64032   98%  /
devtmpfs          215824                 0   215824    0%  /dev
tmpfs                 44820             272     44548    1%  /run
tmpfs                  5120                 0       5120    0%  /run/lock
tmpfs                 89620                0     89620    0%  /run/shm
/dev/mmcblk0p1 57288          9896     47392   18%  /boot




Manually resizing the SD card partitions (Optional)

The SD card image is sized for a 2 GB card. So, if you are using an SD card with a greater capacity, you may find that only 2 GB is available. If this is the case, then to gain more free space, the partitions must be resized. The Fedora Remix and the BerryBoot will automatically resize the partitions on the mounted card during the first boot. The Debian , OpenSuSe and Rasbian images won’t, so you’ll have to do it manually. The easiest way is to use the tool RPi raspi-config selecting menu item EXPAND-ROOTFS – Expand Root Partition to Fill SD Card. If you want to resize the SD card whilst the SD card is not mounted in the Pi, look here for instructions.


「Rasberry Pi+Rasbianだと、デフォで2GBしか認識しないよ。そんなことも知らなかったの?m9(^Д^)プギャー」ということらしい。




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